Can’t Miss Tech Events – Fall & Winter

Pretty much every industry is replete with conferences and other events around the world, but some of them might leave you scratching your head as to their purpose.

Are sword swallowing conventions, Elvis impersonator festivals, or Jersey Shore Studies and other bizarre academic conferences really necessary? What exactly goes on there?

With the tech industry, on the other hand, the need for various events, conferences, and conventions is self-evident. Technology is a rapidly growing and changing field, and as anyone in the industry knows, it could be a full-time job just keeping up with those changes.

Continuing education and professional networking are vital to a career in tech, no matter what your specialty. With so many tech professionals being self-taught, conventions and events are one of the ways to keep up with the latest industry developments. The tech industry is also incredibly competitive, so attending conferences can give you an edge in meeting the right people and landing the tech job of your dreams, or getting the right traction for your startup.

Luckily, no matter your location, there’s likely to be some kind of tech event happening near you. From San Francisco and Las Vegas in the west, to Texas and Florida in the south, Chicago and Minneapolis in the midwest, to Philadelphia and New York City in the east, the United States alone is scattered with tech events for developers, podcasters, digital marketers, virtual reality fans, gaming aficionados, bitcoin backers, and even tech philosophers.

If you’re in Europe, you can check out RE.WORK in London to learn about technology, science, and entrepreneurship; the Web Summit in Dublin, which is the largest technology conference in Europe; Slush in Helsinki for startups and tech talent; or the C3 hacker conference in Germany.

Looking to attend a tech hiring fair, get the media or investors interested in your startup, develop your skills, or grow your network? Check out the list below of the hottest can’t-miss tech events across the United States and Europe.
Can’t Miss Tech Events


  • A drone and UAV conference and exhibition
  • When:
    • Takes place in September
  • Where:
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • The Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
  • Cost:
    • Ticket prices range from $50-$1,095
  • Highlights:
    • Features more than 80 exhibitors
    • Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics and founder of DIY Drones will be the keynote speaker
    • Dozens of classes, panels, and tutorials for:
      • Building drones
      • Programming drone software
      • Flying tricks
      • How to avoid crashing
      • Picking the right drone
    • Representing industries as varied as:
      • Border patrol
      • Surveying and terrain mapping
      • Real estate marketing
      • Search and rescue

RE.WORK The Future Technology Summit

  • A technology conference for entrepreneurs, policy makers, startups, researchers, and more
  • When:
    • Takes place in September
  • Where:
    • London, England
    • ETC Venues
  • Cost:
    • Ticket prices range from $307.49 (£200) to $1,068.52 (£695)
  • Highlights:
    • The summit is part of a larger group of events, coinciding with:
      • Future Robotics Summit
      • Deep Learning Summit
    • The summit will cover a variety of topics, such as:
      • Synthetic biology
      • Smart materials
      • The Internet of Things
      • Future manufacturing
    • Speakers include:
      • Sabine Hauert, a lecturers in swarm robotics
      • Naveed Parvez, CEO of Andiamo
      • Simon Schultz, a Royal Society Industry Fellow
      • And more
    • Some projects that will be presented at the summit include:
      • The world’s smallest autopilot, designed to be fitted into micro-aerial vehicles small enough to fit in a pocket
      • 3D, virtual human models to be used as treatment aids for doctors, perhaps even anticipating health issues
      • A genetic diagnostic test that can check blood, sputum, and tumors for specific genetic markers
      • AI in swarm robots that could potentially be used in medical technologies

Dublin Web Summit

  • A conference for technologists, entrepreneurs, futurists, and startups composed of several smaller summits, including:
    • Builders (Development and Design)
    • Enterprise (Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure)
    • Machine (Connected Devices and Internet of Things)
    • Marketing (Sales, Advertising, Marketing)
    • Food (Food Technology)
    • Night (Music Festival)
  • When:
    • Takes place in November
  • Where:
    • Web Summit takes place in a variety of venues in Dublin, Ireland
    • The main conference is held in the Royal Dublin Society Main Hall
  • Cost:
    • Admission is usually around $1,707.31 (€1,525/£1,108.35)
  • Highlights:
    • Speakers at Web Summit 2015 will include:
      • Bono, of U2
      • Peter Thiel, of Founder’s Fund
      • Drew Houston, of Dropbox
      • Anna Patterson, of Google
      • Eva Longoria, of Eva Longoria Foundation
      • Gavin Anderson, of Bitcoin Foundation
  • Web Summit 2014 saw over 22,000 attendees from over 100+ countries
  • Topics of past year’s talks have covered:
    • The centralization of Bitcoin
    • Women and technology
    • The relationship between Spotify and artists


  • A non-profit event designed to bring startups and techies together with investors and press
  • When:
    • Takes place in November
  • Where:
    • Helsinki, Finland
    • Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre
  • Cost:
    • Ticket prices range from $54.29 (€50) for students to $428.91 (€395) for standard passes
  • Highlights:
    • Features the Slush 100 competition
      • ~1000 companies are inspected by a team of judges (who are investors and entrepreneurs)
      • 100 early-stage startups are chosen to give their pitches on stage
      • Winners receive equity investments ranging from €10,000 ($10,803.40) – €500,000 ($541,520)
        • 2014’s winner,, were originally going to be awarded €250,000 ($271,065) but judges decided they needed more money
    • Speakers at Slush 2014 included:
      • Wang Jian of Alibaba Group
      • Martin Lorentzon of Spotify
      • Niklas Zennström of Skype
      • Ilkka Paananen of Supercell
    • Slush 2014 was attended by:
      • 700+ journalists
      • 750 investors
      • CEOs from 150 publicly traded companies
      • 1000+ startups
      • 14,000 people
    • The first Slush conference had only 300 attendees in 2008

Robotics Alley Conference &Expo

  • Focuses on a variety of robotics topics, including:
    • Research
    • Design
    • Business Development
    • Policy
  • When:
    • Takes place in December
  • Where:
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
  • Cost:
    • Many different packages are available, ranging from $99-$575
  • Highlights:
    • 2014’s highlighted robots were:
      • Throwbot, a scouting robot designed for military and police forces
      • Paro Therapeutic Robot, a seal-shaped robot created for animal therapy in Japan
      • Data, the Robot Comedian
      • Baxter, which can perform a variety of manufacturing and packaging tasks
    • Past conferences have featured a career fair for everyone interested in working in the robotics/manufacturing fields

Chaos Communication Congress

  • The C3 conference covers a number of topics, including:
    • Surveillance
    • Privacy
    • Hacktivism
    • Data security
  • Hosted by the Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s self-titled “largest association of hackers”.
  • When:
    • Takes place in December
  • Where:
    • Usually occurs in Hamburg, Germany
  • Cost:
    • Ticket prices can vary from free (for those younger than 12) to $108.59 (€100)
  • Highlights:
    • Roughly 12,000 people attended C3 2014
    • Talks in 2014 covered a variety of topics, including:
      • The Heartbleed bug
      • Password analysis
      • Quantum computing
      • Free software
    • According to their Twitter page, C3 2014 had more internet bandwidth and users than North Korea during the conference

All kinds of amazing tech events occur each year, whether attendees are interested in hacking, drones, or biometrics. Some feature amazing competitions, some will host concerts, and still others will host the world’s foremost experts in their fields. No matter what people are looking for in an expo, there’s an event out there seemingly tailor-made for them.


Stay tuned for Part 2 – Spring & Summer Events!

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