Manage Your Privacy Policies

How do I get a privacy policy?

The first step is to generate your customized privacy policy.  After answering a few questions about your website, what information you capture and how it is used, our system will create a policy appropriate for your website. We'll add an account so you can log in to get your privacy policy.

What format will my privacy policy be in?

You can copy it to your site using plain text or HTML.  Plain text has all the required information, but no formatting.  HTML has formatting so the section headers use bigger text, etc. If you prefer, you can just link to your privacy policy hosted on our website.  We'll provide you with the text, HTML code and link, so it's your choice and you can change it any time.

Will you email it to me?

We don't email the privacy policy itself.  Instead, we'll send you an email with instructions to log in and download your privacy policy.

Can I have more than one privacy policy?

Yes, you can have multiple privacy policies for different websites.  When you log in to your account you will see all your privacy policies listed and will be able to view, download or find the link for each.  You can also delete a privacy policy if you no longer need it.

Where do I go to manage my privacy policies?

You can manage your privacy policies here.